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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO Provides Full-Service Cleanup and Build Back for Westerly Homes

3/16/2020 (Permalink)

Box icons of natural disasters SERVPRO Is There for You in Your Time of Need--We Make Westerly Homes Whole Again with Cleanup and Restoration

Why Westerly Residents can use on Restoration Service from Start to Finish

When tackling a home emergency, you may find that a job is too big or that you are unsure of the appropriate restoration techniques and equipment. In these situations, most Westerly residents seek out professional assistance. Our restoration services combine over fifteen years of experience in the industry for the repair of mold, fire, storm, and water damage. Working with residents as well as local commercial companies, our team of qualified technicians can put in place a strategic plan to get your home back to its preloss condition while causing as little inconvenience to you, the homeowner.


During a fire, combusting materials release significant amounts of smoke into the surrounding environment. A lack of proper ventilation can create a pressure vacuum in the area, causing fire damage to your Westerly home. If your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) unit are on during the fire, then smoke can enter and harm the interior walls of ducts as well as return and supply-side filters. SERVPRO restoration services work closely with the national air duct cleaners association to perform the assessment and repair of a damaged HVAC system.

HVAC systems draw clean air through a supply-side duct, which then sends air throughout the home via ventilation shafts. Return side ducts release cold or heated air into rooms around your Westerly home. Unfortunately, during a fire, HVAC systems can draw in smoke from one area of the home, causing significant harm by circulating it through the network of ventilation shafts and depositing ash or hot smoke into previously unaffected areas of the home. SERVPRO technicians incorporate an HVAC inspection when providing fire restoration services to both residents and commercial clients.

Our first step is to remove the vent connecting the supply side of your HVAC. These vents are typically fitted with filters which can undergo significant harm from smokes or soots during the fire. Using air whips, our restoration service technicians can dislodge soots from the interior walls behind a return side vent or feed longer mechanical brushes into the shaft itself. By applying negative air pressure to the shafts themselves, we can withdraw the loose soots from the system give your Westerly home the best chance of a full recovery.


Mold can crop up during any time of year, but it is commonly associated with the winter months when increases in rainfall create the prime conditions for mold growth. Mold, like other microbes, is a natural part of the home environment; however, in the presence of moisture, it can proliferate rapidly and begin affecting indoor air quality. Once spores grow into colonies, you are dealing with a mold damage situation in your Westerly home. Microbial growth can be challenging to control without the correct equipment and know-how of professional restoration services.

In Westerly, Mold remediation requires council-approved licensing. SERVPRO is Council-certified microbial remediator (CMR) with the experience to bring a microbial growth issue back under control. Our first duty is to dry the property using either air-movers and dehumidifiers or essential cavity drying equipment. By drying the source of mold, we can ensure that it does not grow back after the restoration service. Typically, we follow the drying process with thorough removal, cleaning, and anti-microbial treatment of the affected area.

One of the biggest concerns for Westerly homeowners dealing with mold is their indoor air quality. Mold releases unpleasant odors as well as having an unhealthy effect on the air you breathe. SERVPRO technicians can seal the affected area using either negative air-pressure or physical sheeting then deploy air-scrubbers into the area to clean and filter the surrounding air. Air scrubbers pass air through a series of filters, including charcoal, to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. By incorporating this equipment into our restoration services, SERVPRO can remove spores as well as odors from the home that may otherwise put Westerly homeowners at risk of inhalation or ingestion.


The work, our restoration service technicians, are most familiar with is water damage restoration for Westerly homeowners. Your property has thousands of gallons of water passing through it throughout the year. These sources can be rainwater draining through roof gutters to your freshwater supply pipe as well as clean water used in appliances and wet-rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. We rarely notice the amount of water we are using until something goes wrong with leaks or pipe joints breaking apart and spilling into the home environment.

Water emergencies are time-sensitive, and the sooner restoration services begin, the sooner mitigation of damages can occur. One of the reasons water incidents are time-sensitive is that microbes degrade over time. They can also affect electrical equipment with permanent harm. SERVPRO restoration services here in Westerly practice appropriate electrical safety at any site by carefully inspecting the area for loose wiring or shutting off power altogether.

Electrical supplies need grounding using a ground fault circuit interrupters (GCFI.) If you have valuable electronics in the area of the home where water damage is prevalent SERVPRO engineers can maintain temperature and humidity above the dew point until specialists arrive. Circuitry needs managing with qualified electricians, which we can contact on your behalf. At the end of service, any outsourcing is included in your stress-free claim meaning you only have to deal with one point of contact throughout the service.


Natural disasters are an irrepressible part of life in Washington County, which can cause severe storm damage to your Westerly home. Restoration services need the experience to counteract the effects of a violent storm on the structure of your home. We can answer questions like where to store contents during structural repair, how to make a home secure to prevent looting or unlawful entry, as well as what steps we need to take in the immediate aftermath to reduce your claim expense.

In our time as a Westerly restoration service, we have notched up a massive amount of experience in extensive loss recovery from a natural disaster. This experience includes Hurricanes Sandy, Harvey, Irma, Matthew as well as the Colorado floods of 2013. To better serve the community in times of emergency we ensure that our roster of technicians here at SERVPRO undergo a 10-hour general and construction industry training program (OSHA.)

An OSHA qualification allows us to perform the critical aspects of structural repair to ensure that your property does not collapse following an especially damaging storm or flood. These duties may include replacing roof tiles, doors, or windows. Reinforcing waterlogged floors and ceilings as well as reconstructing attics or loft spaces. Intervening early in a weakened structure can go a long way to preventing escalating costs. By having general constructors within our Westerly team at SERVPRO, we can intervene early without having to wait for third-parties.

Dealing with multiple facets of restoration for water, mold, storm, or fire can be unbearable for a homeowner. To deal with one company from start to finish, contact SERVPRO of Washington County at (401) 315-2337.

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