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How Does Remediation Improve Preservability of Damaged Contents?

10/23/2020 (Permalink)

"Contact us" If mold is left unchecked, it can spread very quickly. Contact our IICRC certified mold damage remediation team for an assessment today.

Our SERVPRO remediation professionals can work quickly to reduce the spread and severity of mold threats in your South Kingston home. 

When you consider the humid climate that South Kingston neighborhoods contend with throughout the year, it is no great surprise that area homes deal with rapidly-developing mold in moist areas of the property like the basement. Addressing these concerns as they get discovered is the best way to neutralize potentially harmful volatile organic compounds and the impact of microbial colonization on hosting organic building materials and contents. 

There are several stages of mold cleanup for South Kingston, and often this process begins with first identifying if and where mold exists in your property. Because homes do not always contend with direct flooding or excessive humidity, some property owners might have to follow specific guidelines on identifying these colonies to notice a problem beginning. Some warning or clear signs of mold growth include: 

  • Spotting – Irregular spotting on surfaces of organic matter like drywall and clothing can show where mold is beginning to form and where direct actions are necessary. 
  • Damp Surfaces – Moist surfaces like ceilings and wall panels can indicate a greater water damage scenario beyond the surface. Long-persisting moisture concerns can almost always lead to secondary effects like mold. 
  • Harsh, Musty Odor – Another indicator that you might be contending with mold colonization is a musty odor. This scent is distinct to mold development. When you encounter it, mold is forming or already present nearby. 
  • Visible Colonization – Often, the presence of mold is unmistakable, as it has wholly engulfed portions of organic materials like drywall

What Remediation Strategies Exist? 

Understanding the variances in mold remediation begins with appreciating the difference between remediating and removing mold. Mold removal is an impossible practice, yet remediation produces direct action against active colonization in the damaged structures. 

  • Surface Cleaning – Our SERVPRO team has multiple antimicrobial products that we can apply to lightly damaged surfaces to eliminate mold spotting and inhibit further growth. 
  • Abrasive Tactics – Sanding and soda blasting are two options that seek to utilize aggressive actions to remove the entire hyphae of the microbial growth without impacting the underlying substrate. 
  • Controlled Demolition – While it is not always the most favored approach for remediating mold colonies, there are several instances in which removing damaged materials can be more cost-efficient than attempting to dry and thoroughly clean the surface to remove the entire organism. 

How Can Your Contents Get Protected? 

Protecting your personal belongings is one of the things that sets professional remediation apart from DIY cleaning approaches. We understand how treasured and valued your possessions can be, so there is no delay in containing the spread of mold throughout the property and beginning a thorough assessment of the damage that your home and its contents have endured since colonies first began to form. Some of the strategies for managing your belongings include:

  • On-Site Cleaning – Ideally, our technicians and remediators strive to provide on-site cleaning, drying, and deodorization whenever possible. This approach can save time and money on more intricate cleaning practices. 
  • Relocation – There are several situations where removing items from the path of migrating microbial threats can be enough to protect them from the potential harms they might have experienced during the remediation phases. 
  • Damage Assessment – We carefully inspect all of the items in your home that could have become impacted by the spread or colonization of spores. 
  • Off-Site Restoration – Among the most advanced strategies for cleaning and deodorizing personal belongings is the off-site recovery options we can offer at our SERVPRO facility. From ozone chambers to neutralize musty odors in entire lots of your possessions to surface cleaning strategies, we can help. 

When Do Contents Get Returned? 

The move-back process almost has the same level of careful consideration that pack-out did to remove these contents in the first place. Your personal belongings kept in our climate-controlled facility get staged in groups of the rooms they get returned to when they reach the property. A thorough inspection of each of these items gets conducted to ensure that no lingering surface damage exists or harsh odors are present. Once remediation completes in the house, these cleared items can then get returned where they belong. 

Between the damage that mold can do to your home and its contents, you can see the advantages of encouraging the fast response of our SERVPRO of Washington County remediators. We can make mold losses "Like it never even happened," for your home when you call (401) 315-2337.

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