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Tracking Down the Source of Water Leaks | SERVPRO of Washington County

8/17/2023 (Permalink)

Woman mopping flood from water leaks in basement or electrical room. Do you have water damage in your Washington County home? Call SERVPRO® to get your space back in preloss condition!

We can all appreciate a soft and gentle rain from time to time, especially if that rain brings more pleasant and seasonable weather to the Hagerstown community. The fall season offers a nice reprieve from the hot and humid summer temperatures, but we are still vulnerable to the effects of the weather. 

Heavy rain can cause all kinds of issues in our homes and can lead to stubborn water leaks that turn into significant water damage. We want you to stay nice and dry no matter what is going on outside! Our SERVPRO® of Washington County team explains more about water leaks and how to prevent them below. 

Common Locations for Water Damage

Anywhere that is directly connected to the outside and the elements has the potential to leak. Windows, doors, skylights and even wiring holes can leak water in the right conditions. 

The older your home is, the more vulnerable it becomes to things like sagging window panes and rotten door jambs that can easily invite water inside your home that leaks through your walls and floors. 

Another common place for water leaks to occur is on your roof. Our roofs are the first line of defense in keeping us dry, but they can be quickly overwhelmed if your gutters are clogged or the rain comes down too fast for your system to keep up. The tiniest crack or gap along your roof line can encourage water to leak down into your attic that can spread anywhere in your home. 

The Trouble With Water

The problem with water leaks is that they can sometimes be hard to spot right away. If the leak happens behind your walls, it can spread and soak into your drywall, insulation and support beams before making itself known on the other side. It might be too late by then! 

Another issue is that if water isn’t cleaned up and dried out right away, mold can start to grow behind your walls that can turn into an infestation in just a matter of days. That can impact your home’s structural integrity and eventually become a health hazard to you and your family. 

Where We Come In

That’s why having a professional water damage restoration company come out to your home right away is key! Water spots or warped floors or walls are all classic signs of something more serious lurking beneath. Call us out right away for a quick evaluation. Our team will use thermal imaging cameras to detect hidden moisture, and we will get to work drying out your space with our industrial equipment

Once everything is dry, we will get to work on the repairs. Water has the unfortunate ability to ruin building materials in a short amount of time, but we can easily tackle those repairs and return your home to its pre-water damage state in no time at all. 

Concerned about potential water damage? Contact SERVPRO of Washington County right away.

Atlantic Hurricane Season 2022 Update

9/2/2022 (Permalink)

National Hurricane Center hurricane tracking image showing 3 storm systems that are being tracked in the Atlantic Ocean. SERVPRO Team Luzzi's water damage restoration experts are available when natural disasters damage your property. Call us 24/7.

Unpredictably, the Atlantic storm season of 2022 has been quiet. There were no named storms in the August for the first time since 1997. On September 1, Tropical Storm Danielle was named. It is the fourth Atlantic tropical depression to develop this year. Danielle will be at sea, and is not a danger to land. Two other storm systems are being monitored by meteorologists. However, conditions in the Atlantic Ocean remain too dry for tropical depression formation. The Atlantic's warm waters are ideal for generating hurricane activity, but the air is still dry and dusty, which reduces the likelihood of tropical storm formation. It is possible that the first disturbance in the image will be the fifth named storm of this season, Earl. Although it is too early to predict the storm system's path, it is moving slowly west to northwest and appears to be passing north of the Caribbean islands. There is a possibility that parts of the east coast could become affected if the storm moves along its current path. We will keep an eye on the storm to ensure we are ready for anything.

It is well-known that the most recent tropical storm systems have caused more water damage and have been wetter than the storms of the past. Although there are many causes for this destruction, most scientists point out that man-made climate change is the main catalyst. This includes the increase in rainfall and storm surge seen in nearly all major storms of 21st century.

We are water damage restoration specialists and will be ready for any type of severe weather. We can provide a preliminary assessment of your property prior to a storm and even offer preventative measures to reduce damage.

Water Damage Repair Rhode Island

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

An office building has been emptied because of water leaking from the ceiling SERVPRO of Washington County is available 24/7 when water damages your property. Call us now 401-315-2337

Commercial Water Damage and Restoration services are available 24/7 in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York & New Jersey because our team covers territories in all these states. This means if your commercial or multi-family residential building is damaged by water and requires a large-scale approach to restoration we can help. We have the labor, equipment and resources to mobilize our team and scale up production to meet the moment anywhere in our territories and beyond.

* This means if a major storm causes damage in a shopping mall covering multiple floors, we can help.

* If a pipe burst on the 8th floor of a multi-family property causing water damage from the 8th floor down, we can help.

* If a music venue has water damage in an area of the building where electrical and musical equipment can be damaged, we are the ones they trust to fix the problem and stop damage before it gets a worse.

Basically we are water damage professionals and can manage, restore and reconstruct your commercial property after a water damage event. We have been part of restoration efforts after most of the major storms on the east coast and in the gulf over the last decade and are called in when project management, labor and equipment are in high demand.

We also offer storm preparation services. So if your commercial property is prone to flooding call us today. We can help you prepare for the next major storm and help you to avoid costly damage.

Residential Water Damage & Restoration Tips from the Pros

5/31/2022 (Permalink)

Sandbags can be seen in the foreground of a neighborhood of homes that have experienced a flood. SERVPRO of Washington County provides water damage restoration services to southern Rhode Island and beyond. Call us 24/7.

When water damages a residential property the property owner will have to make decisions quickly. Sometimes the home owner can handle the water damage without the need of a professional restoration company. In these instances it is likely that the water has only been in the house for a few hours and it is from a clean source such as a water supply line pipe. In these instances, if the owner reacts fast enough, the damage can be kept to a minimum by removing wet materials such as carpets, drywall and laminate flooring or by properly using dehumidification and water extraction equipment. Although it is unlikely a homeowner can restore their house after water damage assuming the damage is minimal and the homeowner acts quickly! But, in most instances, a home owner cannot restore their home on their own and they will require the assistance of a professional water damage and repair restoration company. 

When water has been present in a home for more than a few hours the building materials that have been saturated are prone to damage that is beyond repair. This is especially true for materials such as drywall, carpet, laminate flooring, and particle board furniture/cabinetry. These items found commonly in residential homes will quickly absorb water, destroying their integrity and keeping humidity locked into the building. If the humidity in the air is not quickly reduced to normal levels mold growth will begin and in some cases it will require the home be evacuated for restoration cleaning. 

If the source of the water is not clean, such as a flood or sewer backup a restoration company should be called every time. Our team of professional water damage restoration experts will quickly diagnose the situation and begin the clean up process immediately. We will be able to provide the correct equipment and cleaning products/techniques to ensure the home is safe.

Another advantage of working with our disaster restoration team is that if materials such as flooring, drywall or cabinetry need to be replaced, we provide complete construction services. We will provide you with a no obligation estimate to complete the project. Our design, build and construction team will provide you samples, colors and options so you can choose the look that works best for your home. Then we will complete the project in a timely manner with a professionally backed SERVPRO guarantee for craftsmanship.

If your residential property suffers water damage call us anytime. We are available 24/7/365 locally serving Washington County Rhode Island and the surrounding areas.

A Water Damage Restoration Company Can Save You Thousands

3/20/2022 (Permalink)

A roof is damaged after a storm SERVPRO of Washington County is available when commercial and residential water damage repair services are needed, call us 24/7.

You will find many restoration options if your business or home is affected by water damage, such as a burst pipe, flood or roof leak. This is why it is important to consider who you hire to fix your property.

1. It is essential to evaluate the property and determine what can be saved. Our experienced managers will quickly determine the best way to save the structure. This is a crucial step that can save you a lot of money in the long-term.

2. Equipment for drying. Hire a company that doesn't use the most efficient drying and air scrubbing tools. This will likely mean they will have to use the equipment for longer periods of time on your property, which could cost you more. We invest in the most efficient restoration equipment to ensure our techs work efficiently. This is the best way to save money for our clients in the long-term.

3. All phases of restoration and reconstruction are offered by us. We are a highly efficient company and employ skilled and experienced carpenters and craftsmen to complete your job professionally.

Winter Water Damage & Mold Removal Services Rhode Island

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Water on the floor of a living room. SERVPRO of Washington County is Available 24/7 to Clean, Dry and Restore Your Property After A Water Damage, Call Us Anytime!

For the last couple of weeks we have been busy cleaning and restoring properties after water damage. Our team has been hard at work responding to these types of calls and quickly mobilizing the people and equipment needed to mitigation the situation. Our teams can be seen all over Rhode Island providing services to residential and commercial properties in Westerly, Charlestown, Wakefield, Narraganset, South Kingstown, North Kingstown and beyond. 

Homes and commercial properties in our region can be prone to water damage this time of year for a few reasons. First many buildings in our area are old construction. This type of construction may provide less insulation than modern construction. There are also many properties that rely on inefficient/older heating technology that does not properly heat all parts of the property leaving water supply pipes vulnerable. In that same vain these older buildings, even if well insulated and well built, will take on wear and tear over time. 

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with a burst pipe and water damage, don't worry we have your back. Call our office 24/7!

Water Damage Clean Up Services From Westerly to West Kingston Rhode Island

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

A basement is flooded and water is on the floor. SERVPRO of Washington County is Westerly Rhode Island's First Call When Disaster Strikes. Call Us 24/7!

SERVPRO of Washington County provides Rhode Islander's water damage repair and restoration services 24/7. We are available 24 hours a day because we understand the importance of responding quickly to certain types of damage.

For example; if you have ever had a burst pipe in your home you know that damage can happen quickly, especially if the source of the damage goes unknown for any period of time. Stoping the water source and beginning the drying phase is crucial, the sooner the better! This is because the longer the water remains inside the home the damage to the property increases exponentially. Laminate flooring and carpeting quickly become unsalvageable, sheetrock must be removed to prevent mold growth and even hardwood flooring can become so warped it is unable to be repaired.

By contacting SERVPRO of Washington County we are able to determine the severity the damage and are trained to move quickly to save as much property as possible. We are prepared with the latest in drying technology and will bring in the equipment needed to extract water from your home to prevent mold growth throughout the home and to save your personal items.

Is Your Water Damage Covered by Insurance? | SERVPRO® of Washington County

9/3/2021 (Permalink)

a pen, money and other insurance paperwork sitting on a table Whatever the cause and whatever the coverage, SERVPRO of Washington County is available to help you get through any water damage.

Water damage is a common problem Washington County homeowners face, and it takes many forms. From natural forces like hurricanes or flooding to internal issues like plumbing or gutter leaks, there are lots of ways for water to put a strain on your life.

One in every 50 homeowners experience some kind of water damage each year.

When your carpet is soggy or your basement is full of water, one of the first questions you need answered is whether your insurance policy will cover the damage. The short answer, unfortunately, is “it depends.” Let’s dig a little deeper.

What’s Covered?

First off, we should note that policies vary, so it’s important to know the details of your own homeowners insurance policy and to check things out with your agent when details become important. That being said, there are general standards about what may or may not be covered.

A handful of of scenarios you can expect full coverage for include:

Sudden, accidental discharge. If leaky plumbing becomes an acute issue and suddenly there’s a burst pipe or broken supply hose, you should be covered.

Water damage cause by storms. As something over which you have no control, this is often covered by standard homeowners policies—your policy likely has separate provisions for coverage for your home and for your personal belongings.

What’s Not Covered?

Unresolved maintenance issues. Lack of maintenance essentially means you forfeit your right to coverage—damage caused by a long-term leak or flooring replacement due to a long-term toilet leak would fall under this category.

Replacing the source of damage. If your water heater bursts open suddenly, your policy may cover the damage it causes, but likely won’t pay for the replacement of the water heater itself. The same is true for plumbing, dishwashers and other similar sources.

What Else Can Be Covered?

Flood damage. Most standard homeowners policies do not include flood coverage, but especially in coastal areas like ours, it’s recommended (and in some cases, required) that you add flood insurance because of the increased risk.

Sewer overflow or backup. This dangerous, and frankly gross, damage may be covered with the addition of a rider or endorsement to your existing policy.

Whatever the cause and whatever the coverage, SERVPRO is available to help you get through your water damage woes. Contact us today to find out how we can get things dried up and set right.

Can Professional Companies Help with Water Removal in South Kingstown?

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

people standing in water Contact our team at SERVPRO for assistance with water damages. We will restore your property back to its original condition.

SERVPRO Water Removal is Available for South Kingstown Residents Twenty-Four-Hours-a-Day

It can be a shocking experience to find your kitchen, bathroom, or basement filling up with water. Home's have complex plumbing and ventilation systems that can malfunction at any time. The most crucial thing to remember when dealing with a water intrusion event is to act quickly. SERVPRO can assist with:

  • Basement flooding
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

The process of water removal in your South Kingstown home must be adapted for conditioned and non-conditioned spaces. It is helpful to think of conditioned spaces as inhabitable parts of the house. These may include living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Non-conditioned spaces then are things like basements, crawlspaces, and attics. 

  • We have powerful ventilation equipment that can help circulate air into wet unconditioned spaces.
  • Our team responds quickly and with compassion in dealing with water emergencies for residential properties.
  • We promise to arrive on-site within four hours of notification of loss following water intrusion. 

Water emergencies can be stressful. Contact SERVPRO of Washington County for water removal at (401) 315-2337.

Tips for Avoiding Water Damage to Your Home | SERVPRO® of Washington County

5/31/2021 (Permalink)

a heavy rain pouring down on roof and gutters SERVPRO of Washington County is your local restoration company. If your home has been damaged by water contact us right away.

Sometimes trying to avoid water damage at home is a bit like playing poker. You may try to bluff Mother Nature and say your roof will weather another season of heavy rains or tropical storms, but deep down you know last year put the nail in its proverbial coffin and it won’t survive another heavy storm.

You might put all your chips on the table one year and go for big repairs needed to repair that same roof, only for a water heater to break out the royal flush and burst on you, sending you into a whirl of damaged items and furniture, not to mention potential mold and mildew issues.

Water damage is one of the most common major issues homeowners face. In fact, it was the second most claimed insurance category for homeowners in a recent five-year study. But there are some things you as a homeowner can do to prevent, or at least inhibit, water damage.

Outside Your Home

Clean downspouts and gutters. Making sure water has somewhere to go without backing up under your roof tiles is one of the most reliable ways to prevent damage.

Check your shrubs. Bushes or shrubs can actually grow long enough roots to being to choke out your pipes, so if a shrub is getting big, you may have to look at your options for maintenance or removal.

Disconnect garden hoses in cold months. Water left in hoses can back up into pipes and freeze, causing the dreaded winter pipe burst that no one wants to experience.

Inside Your Home

Check pressure and pipes. Knowing the location of your water main (so you can quickly stop all water flow to the house in an emergency), regulating your home’s water pressure (so pipes don’t get overloaded and leak or burst), and properly maintaining pipes can all be huge money savers, and of course, vice versa—not maintaining your pipes can cost you big bucks.

Check appliances and gadgets. Check and replace your washer and refrigerator hoses to make sure they haven’t dried out and become brittle. Keep an eye on water heaters and anything else that connects to running water, and verify connections are good and pipes are in good shape. Also, consider using water detectors—small devices you can get at your local hardware store that will alert you at the presence of leaks or elevated moisture.

Know your costs. One simple way to catch a leak is to notice if you have a higher than usual water bill. If a month’s total jumps off the page at you, take inventory of all the above to see if you’ve got a water problem or if maybe you just had more company this month.

Whatever the causes and effects of your water-related issues may be, we’re here to turn problems into distant memories. If your home has been damaged by one of these or other issues, call or click now to get a local SERVPRO technician on the scene quickly.

Flood Preparedness Tips for Business Owners in South Kingstown | SERVPRO® of Washington County

3/17/2021 (Permalink)

roadblock signs in front of flooding waters covering up roadway Heavy rains can cause serious water damage. SERVPRO® of Washington County are your local water restoration experts.

Here’s something for business owners to consider. How prepared is your South Kingstown business for the dangers of flash flooding?

Spring is fast approaching, and with this new season comes the risks of storms that can bring flash flooding. It’s difficult to think about dealing with water damage to your business, but the reality is it’s a fairly common problem. Water damage is one of the most common reasons business owners file claims on their insurance.

There’s not much we can do to stop a flash flood, heavy storm or another water event from happening. But there are plenty of things you can do to be prepared for these disasters when they occur.

The best way to ensure your business is ready to move forward after a flood is to prepare work now before a flood happens. These are some of the best tips experts offer.

Get Ready for Flooding

Here’s what you should consider doing:

Know your real risk. Take the time to locate your business on a flood map. It doesn’t take long, and FEMA offers these resources for free. Knowing how likely your business is to suffer a flood event can help you prepare.

Put a plan in place now. This step takes some evaluation. You’ll want to identify the critical services you offer and the employees who provide them. Your plan needs to account for ways to let them keep operating and serving your customers if it’s possible.

Be sure your location is ready. Maintenance now can protect your business later. That means doing things like sealing your windows and roof and knowing where important shutoff valves are located. By having your location ready to withstand problems, you’ll be able to stave off preventable damage. That means you’re already moving in the right direction.

If you need assistance at your business, we’re here. We have crews who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Are South Kingstown Structures Susceptible to Water?

1/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician placing air mover in kitchen SERVPRO has the experienced technicians with the equipment and expertise your home needs after a water catastrophe. Give us a call right away.

SERVPRO can help restore your South Kingstown home after water damage

Not surprisingly, South Kingstown was formed when Kingstown split in two in 1722. In 1723 the town was incorporated and is now the seat of Washington County, Rhode Island. Its history reflects the happenings of its time, including the encounters between settlers and Native Americans. In 1675 the Narragansett were defeated in the Great Swamp (western South Kingstown) by the colonists to become their final defeat.

When you visit South Kingstown, you may hear people referring to it as part of South County. 

Do not let this confuse you, as locals tend to use Washington and South County interchangeably. The beauty of the area can be felt throughout, whether you are a beach-lover or not. Wildlife preserves, farms, and beaches are all part of what Rhode Island's southernmost region has to offer. All eleven towns in the County cater to its visitors and entice them with their hiking trails, water sports, and relaxing beaches.

Not far from South Kingstown, you can enjoy a few historical structures. For example, the Towers are located in Narragansett and are the only remaining structure of the Narragansett Pier Casino, famous in the 1880s. The Casino showcased Victorian architecture and was a fun retreat for its visitors. Dancing, the beach, bowling, tennis, and billiards were a few of the activities taking place on this landmark. Sadly, it burned during the Great Fire of September 1900. Today, the Towers are still standing, and it has become a preferred location for weddings, performances, and social events.

If you love the performing arts, Theatre by the Sea is just a few minutes from South Kingstown and offers programming for adults and children alike. Its unique location makes for a beautiful evening out and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. It hosted a summer camp between 1928 and 1933 and has since withstood the effects of natural disasters and economic downturns. 

After changing hands over the years, it is now under Bill Hanney’s expert direction.

There is much to see and do in South Kingstown, so take your time to explore the region’s beauty on foot or your bike at your leisure. Make sure to include the following on your list-

  • The South County History Center
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Hera Gallery

Keeping up your home in South Kingstown

If Mother Nature has taught us something, it's that it can come through our homes and damage them quite easily. However, trouble can also arise when a kitchen sink backs up or a bathroom overflow. Whenever there is water damage in a home, it is best to rely on an expert team for a solution. At SERVPRO, we are ready to restore your home with the following-

  • Water extraction equipment
  • Industrial grade air movers
  • Disinfecting techniques

Let us be part of your protection crew. Call SERVPRO of Washington County at (401) 315-2337 whenever your home needs us and let us leave it “Like it never even happened.”

What to Look for When You Need to Spot a Ceiling Leak in Your North Kingston Home

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

white wall and ceiling showing signs of water damage/leaking roof Do you have any water damage to your walls or ceiling? Contact SERVPRO of Washington County, we will help guide you through the restoration process.

Do you know what to do if you notice the signs of a ceiling leak at your North Kingston home?

No one likes to think about dealing with big home maintenance issues, especially those that involve water issues. But it’s a common occurrence for American homeowners.

Leak claims are among the millions of water damage claims that are filed every year. On average, about one out of 50 American homeowners every year file a water damage claim.

So if you have to file a claim, you’re likely not even the only person in your neighborhood who has. And that can add up to millions of dollars in cumulative property damage.

Take a Closer Look at Your Ceiling

Here’s what to look for when you’re searching for a water leak in your ceiling:

Water spots on your ceiling. These damp spots or stains are signs of water damage. They can indicate the beginnings of water damage or mold issues.

Bubbling paint. You may notice the paint on your ceiling blistering and peeling away from the wall and ceiling. That’s a sign that water damage could be happening.

A distinctive and musty odor in your home. This is one of the first things many people notice before a leak really becomes noticeable. It’s also one of the first signs your home could have mold or mildew damage, which will require prompt and thorough remediation.

Higher than normal water bills. While not all ceiling leaks are associated with plumbing, some are. It’s important to check your water bill and see if it’s higher than you expect. You can monitor this by checking your water bill every month and looking for abnormalities.

If you have water damage in your home due to a sewer backup, a burst pipe or another cause, you can count on us for restoration assistance. We have teams who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services.

Safe and Fun Holiday Shopping in South Kingstown

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

close up of stained glass We hope to see you at the Bosgraaf Stained Glass Studio's Holiday Sale.

Come out to Bosgraaf Studio’s 5th Annual Holiday Art Sale in South Kingstown 

The Bosgraaf Stained Glass Studio in South Kingstown invites the public to their fifth annual Holiday Sale. This event is the quintessential way to kick off holiday shopping and find something special for everyone on your gifting list. The sale features a wide selection of original glass creations by thirty student artists, including pieces in the holiday, nature, and humorous themes that make perfect gifts. The artisans will be onsite to answer any questions about their works. Following the latest health protocols, social distancing and masks need to get worn inside the venue. There will be a raffle to assist the Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale. 

  • Date: December 5th and 6th, 2020
  • Where: Bosgraaf Stained Glass Studio
  • Time: Saturday 10 am to 3 pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm 

When residents need water removal in South Kingstown, they can count on SERVPRO of Washington County at (401) 315-2337. The techs are available 24/7 and arrive quickly after the initial call.

Is it Possible to Eat Out and Be Safe in South Kingston?

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Seal for South Kingstown, RI on a blue background Enjoy a meal, while SERVPRO completes water removal services in your home.

Fondue Village invites South Kingston Residents for an Unparalleled Culinary Experience

Fall in South Kingston is an invitation to explore all the area has to offer.  The cooler weather and changing of the leaves provide a beautiful landscape to explore and enjoy new experiences.  Many of us have been hesitant to dine out due to health concerns, but Fondue Village is back for a 3rd year to offer a socially distanced culinary experience.  Here is why you should check it out starting November 27th:

  • Fondue Village has been featured in well-known publications such as Forbes and Food & Wine
  • Enjoy a four-course meal accompanied by Veuve Clicquot champagne
  • Sit in your private gondola to relish your delectable food while maintaining a prudent distance from other patrons
  • Feel like you’ve traveled to the Swiss Alps without leaving the state

SERVPRO of Washington County is proud to be part of our community.  As the weather shifts, new problems may arise in your home.  Call us at (401) 315-2337 whenever you need water removal services and let us work until it looks, “Like it never even happened.”

Must Families Move Out of Their Homes During the Water Removal Process?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment and vehicle inside of SERVPRO storage facility Water damage? We've got you covered! Our techs are equipped for any restoration need.

SERVPRO Works With Clients to Try to Keep Them in Their Exeter Homes During the Water Removal Process

The amount of water and the number of rooms impacted by the water often determine whether clients must move out of their Exeter homes. For example, if the water leak is in the bathroom, with water spreading to the bedroom and perhaps to other floors, staying in your home may not be possible.

SERVPRO’s water removal team will assess the situation and provide suggestions regarding the best water removal approach to take in your Exeter home. Water removal may involve water-extracting vacuums to remove moisture from carpeting and under padding. We may also need to remove baseboards in bathrooms to reach under cupboards where water pockets exist.

Other equipment that we use to reduce moisture in your home includes:

  • Air movers
  • Large fans
  • Dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels while drying your home.

These machines can be noisy and uncomfortable for anyone to remain unless they can move to the other house areas. Clients can check with their insurance company regarding reimbursement for alternate living expenses before deciding to stay in their homes during water removal and restoration.

How Often Does SERVPRO Need to Access Water Damaged Homes?

After all surface water has been extracted, your home needs to be dried, and humidity measurements returned to normal levels. Air movement within the house can be adjusted by moving the air movers from room to room or targeting an area drying more slowly than expected. It is essential to quickly dry your home before mold has an opportunity to begin growing and potentially cause more damage. Since we know mold can cause health effects, it is much better to dry your home properly and avoid future issues.

Many insurance companies also need daily reports providing a status update and progress towards returning your home to its original condition. These reports help to justify all claims for damages covered by your insurance company.

Call SERVPRO of Washington County (401) 315-2337 to assist with water removal and restoration of your home or business.

Do I Need to Replace My South Kingstown Hardwood Floor After a Water Leak?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

A kitchen with hardwood flooring. SERVPRO can help bring your South Kingstown hardwood floors back from water damage.

SERVPRO can assess your hardwood flooring needs and advise what the first steps should be after water damage. 

When a pipe bursts or water overflows from a plugged drain, it can spread very quickly across floors to adjacent rooms. Water can quickly soak into carpeting and penetrate to the subfloor. It can also flow between joints in hardwood floors and underneath baseboards to the subfloor and penetrate the drywall of your walls.

Homeowners should respond quickly when it comes to South Kingstown water damage and take the following action:

  • Shut off the source of the water
  • Call SERVPRO for immediate assistance in South Kingstown
  • Begin soaking up as much water as possible
  • Use towels, mops, even blankets to remove as much of the surplus water as possible.

Quick action can reduce the possibility of replacing hardwood flooring, avoid damage to subfloors, drywall, and baseboards.

How do I Remove Water from the Joints Between Hardwood Planks?

Once all of the water has been removed from the floor's surface, there is still a great deal of moisture between the planks of the hardwood floor. If the wood absorbs this moisture, the planks can swell, causing an uneven floor and cracking of the hardwood. Drywall can also swell and may be permanently damaged if the moisture is not immediately reduced. Our SERVPRO team has the knowledge and the equipment to remove excess moisture in wood floors before they are damaged.

SERVPRO can respond in less than four hours on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis. We use:

  • Drying mats attached to large vacuums to withdraw the excess water from the joints in the hardwood flooring,
  • Air movers to help absorb moisture and
  • Dehumidifiers to lower the humidity to appropriate levels

Our fast response can prevent permanent damage to the flooring saving the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. Even the damage to drywall, which is very susceptible to water damage, can be minimized if the water is removed and moisture levels returned to normal levels quickly enough.

Call SERVPRO of Washington Country (401) 315-2337 to deal with your emergency water removal needs.

To learn more about South Kingstown, click here.

How Do I Remove Water After a Pipe Breaks in the Wall of My Westerly House?

6/21/2020 (Permalink)

broken pipe is leaking water Don’t panic when a broken pipe causes water damage in your home. Contact Team SERVPRO for services.

Finding and Removing Trapped Water Is a SERVPRO Specialty, Meeting a Common Need in the Westerly Community

Whether you are coping with aging clay pipes in a historic Westerly home, or burst polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conduit in newer construction, when a supply line breaks, water damage issues remain even after plumbing repair. Water spewing from the pipe can collect between walls and in other cavities, soaking into and damaging building materials and threatening injury to you and your family from ceiling or wall collapse.

What Direction Can I Expect the Water to Migrate?

Locating water for removal in your Westerly’s home’s hidden building cavities requires professional assessment. It is nearly impossible to predict the pathway the water might follow after the leak or pipe break. Yet, it is essential to determine where the water moved and if it collected, absorbed into structural components, or both. Standing water can pool behind baseboards, under the top layers of hardwood floors, and over ceilings, among many other places. You might find that the damage was more long-standing than you believed. A burst pipe can be the culmination of a persistent slow leak, with unmistakable water loss, compounding the harm done by seepage now discovered but unknown earlier.

How Can the Water’s Path be Discovered and Traced?

SERVPRO’s managers and technicians master techniques to find and follow the water’s wanderings during coursework taken at the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Among the vast catalog of water damage restoration best practices, our employees focus on learning both the theory and application of water tracking. Specifically, the training introduces our technicians to the following sensitive and useful devices:

Moisture Sensor

A moisture sensor uses sharp probes to detect moisture in soft materials. When the sensor encounters wetness, it alerts the operator with a flashing or steady light and a beeping sound. The sensor is essential to begin creating a “map” of the moisture the broken or cracked pipe caused to escape into building materials, cavities, and fixtures.

Moisture Meter

Once the moisture sensor locates the wet areas and materials in Westerly, our Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) switches to a metering tool that measures the moisture content of the affected structural components or fixtures. Our team must gather data on the moisture levels of damaged areas to give us a baseline against which to compare changing moisture levels during drying efforts. Moisture meters need to be calibrated for the materials tested. When used to monitor drying activity, they also might require an average of multiple readings from different areas for the most accurate result.

Penetrating Moisture Meters

Designed to use integrated probes to test inside building cavities and under the strips or planks of hardwood flooring. This type of meter can also test individual layers of building materials.

Non-Penetrating Moisture Meters

These meters use sensors to confirm moisture readings when held against surfaces. The mechanism used to reach a determination is how conducive the material is, which can result in skewed readings when metal materials are adjacent to the tool, such as steel framing, screws, nails, and foil-backed insulation. This tendency is another reason why several readings need to be taken by a trained and experienced technician.

Note: We recommend that the same individual perform the testing throughout the project to obtain as much consistency as possible.

How Is Trapped Water Removed After Location and Measurement?

Once the professional detection and metering tools have directed our employees to the spaces where water collected and materials absorbed moisture, the team gets busy. We remove standing water with submersible pumps and extractors, the latter both truck-mounted and portable. Water that is hard to suction out even with extractor wand extenders needs help with release. After extraction, our drying equipment also requires access to wet cavities. We use controlled demolition to meet both challenges, opening areas that otherwise would hold moisture, reasoning that drywall and ceiling tiles are reasonably inexpensive and straightforward to replace. The methods we employ include:

  • Flood cuts in walls, from floor level to several inches above the waterline, completely opening the space for drying
  • Prying off baseboards and drilling holes to drain water and permit warm, moving air to direct inside during the drying phase 
  • Drilling holes in mortar joints in cinder block and other masonry construction for fluid release and drying

SERVPRO of Washington County has the trained technicians, moisture detection tools, and extraction equipment required for rapid water removal. Call (401) 315-2337 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Should I Worry About an Overflowing Bathtub?

5/19/2020 (Permalink)

leak in bathroom Don't let a leaky pipe mess up your plans for a party. Call the local SERVPRO in your Westerly area for more information.

Water from an Overflowing Bathtub in Westerly Can Cause Big Problems in the Long Term

It only takes a malfunctioning faucet or an oversight to let a bathtub overflow and leak all over the floor of your Westerly home. Once you discover the mishap, you may call a repairer and soak up excess water with towels, but you may be underestimating the damage caused. Your best option is to call a professional water restoration team for guidance.

In Westerly, water cleanup is our specialty at SERVPRO. Our technicians train in the latest techniques to achieve restoration and minimize your loss as much as possible. Our goal is to control any excess water hiding in flooring and wall cavities that could pose a threat later in time.

What should I use to extract water from a flooded bathroom?

The typical homeowner relies on mops and household tools to remove water from the site of the accident. At SERVPRO, we rely on specialized equipment to achieve faster and more complete results. Depending on your needs we may use some of the following items to extract excess moisture from your home-

  • Wand extractors to access hard to reach corners
  • Dehumidifiers to evaporate water
  • Drying mats to extract humidity from flooring materials

SERVPRO of Washington County is with you throughout the process to restore your home seamlessly. Call us at (401) 315-2337 and let us make your home look "Like it never even happened."

What Needs Cleaned Up After Water Losses in My Westerly Home?

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

water on floor and under couch Without proper treatment water damage can create additional problems in your home. Call SERVPRO to mitigate the malicious effects of water damage.

Our Professionals Can Evaluate Structural Concerns and Efficiently Clean After Widespread Water Damages. 

It might always be as clear as you might think to learn what has gotten damaged or compromised by water losses. Cleaning up after this mess is one of the many stages of water restoration provided by our SERVPRO team.

When it comes to water cleanup for Westerly homes, our team can work quickly to establish what damage exists and the appropriate approach for making it “Like it never even happened.” In most cases, this involves a blend of our proven cleaning practices and potent products.

How Does My Home Return to Normal After Water Disasters? 

Many stages of cleaning and recovery must occur along with the arrival of our emergency response team. Some of these services begin before job scoping has taken place, but are vital steps to reducing the total loss for our customers and the ultimate expense for the job. Some of these emergency services and mitigation tactics might include:  

  • Controlled Demolition – This tactic removes any of the exposed or damaged structural elements throughout the loss area. By identifying deteriorating materials, we can provide a safer environment for recovery and reduce the time and costs of later reconstruction. 
  • Surface Cleaning – Residues and soiling can be challenging obstacles for our technicians, but with the use of our potent chemical and cleaning agents, we can restore the look and vibrancy of wall, flooring, and other surface materials. 
  • Flooring Renewal – While water loss incidents do not typically require a resurfacing of the floors in your home, there are cleaning practices that can help to improve their appearance that can get dulled with standing water. Thymol oil can return a gleam to the wood. 

These are some of the immediate practices necessary for cleaning up a damaged home after a water loss incident. No matter how we can help, give our SERVPRO of Washington County team a call today at (401) 315-2337.

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How Do You Dry Electronics After a Water Leak in Westerly?

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woman standing by window holding tablet Water quickly damages the electronics we have come to rely on make our lives easier. Don't stress over water damage. Call SERVPRO!

Rely on the Experience of SERVPRO Professionals to Help Save These Resources in Your Westerly Home

Water leaks often wreak havoc throughout a home. Homeowners use electronics in many rooms, which means a water leak can take out phones, tablets, and even computers and larger items. Given the hidden cost of lost equipment and data, you should consider using experts who know how to protect these items.

What kind of damage does a water leak typically cause?

Having a water leak in your Westerly home can cause power issues with different electronics. It is vital to get your electronics out of harm's way as quickly as possible.

What are the initial procedures when electronics are damaged?

The first step is to ensure that no electrical hazards are present. Also, all electronics should be unplugged, backup batteries should be disconnected, and all fuse breakers or trip breakers need removing.

What other steps are involved?

If possible, remove all electronics should from the exposed environment. If removal is not possible, electronics should be covered with plastic to prevent additional water damage.

What about the water from the leak?

SERVPRO professionals know how to remove any standing water. After the water removal process, wipe any remaining excess water from electrical equipment. Don't turn the equipment back on until it has been thoroughly evaluated, as running a charge through electronics may cause further damage.

What other equipment may we use?

Dehumidification equipment may be used by SERVPRO professionals to stabilize the electronics. Electronics should not be allowed to cool to the dew point of the room, as this can cause condensation and corrosion.

What if further specialized expertise is required?

To finish the job and verify the integrity of the electronics, we may use a qualified electronics restoration specialist to complete any necessary work. 

Count on SERVPRO of Washington County to help save your electronics. Call us at (401) 315-2337 for an evaluation.

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The Design of Westerly Homes Affects Both Water Removal and Restoration Services

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"Contact Us" We can be reached at (401) 315-2337 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SERVPRO Team's Swift Actions Working Around Your Westerly Homes Design

The layout and floor plan of a home contribute to potential water damage and also restorability. The rules of the restoration sciences are finite and get applied to each situation for the best outcome, but it makes every job individual and unique for the technicians.

A home needing water removal in Westerly had a stacked plumbing design, which meant the second-floor bathroom was above the kitchen and a downstairs bathroom. A long term leak behind the walls ran downward for a long time before it became visible on the first floor. By then, significant damage happened. 

Necessary Controlled Demolition Actions

The ceramic tile around the upstairs shower required removal as they were wet from the inside. SERVPRO technicians also removed all the sheetrock and insulation as it had no restoration potential from long term saturation. Because the homeowner acted quickly, although the floor the bathroom needed pulling up, the techs saved the original flooring for reinstallation, saving the homeowner the cost of replacement. 

Drying Above and Below

When a water loss affects two floors, the drying presents specific challenges for the SERVPRO techs. They use drying equipment with air movers aimed at the walls and drying mats to force air into the subfloor and floor joists. Below, they commonly use air movers, and for small areas within wall cavities, the Injecti-Dry system is ideal for ensuring all traces of moisture get removed. Because the upstairs bathroom had building materials removed down to the framework, the drying phase of restoration went quickly. 

Prepping the Bathroom for Reconstruction

SERVPRO techs got the bathroom ready for repairs by taking air measurements and scoping the interior of the walls and ceilings to confirm the area verified as dry. They then treated the framework with an antimicrobial sealant to inhibit any mold growth and left the bathroom, ready for the necessary reconstruction to bring it to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Washington County at (401) 315-2337 brings all the necessary equipment for water removal needs from local properties. Through the advanced techniques and restoration methods, the certified techs make the water loss, "Like it never even happened."

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SERVPRO Offers a Many-Faceted Approach to Water Damage Mitigation for Westerly Homeowners

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green drying equipment in a flood cut bathroom Broken Water Lines Can Mean Damage in Westerly Homes, Call SERVPRO for Fast Help

What to Expect from Professional Water Damage Restoration in Westerly

A water loss can strike your Westerly residence at any time. Typical causes include leaky pipes, condensation from heating and cooling systems, or appliance breakdowns. Sometimes the issue is obvious, such as when a dishwasher hose breaks and spews water across the kitchen. Other times a slow leak under a sink or a poorly sealed shower stall gradually permits water to infiltrate cabinets, walls, and floors. Any scenario requires expert assessment and a recovery plan that follows industry best practices.

Determining the Extent of the Damage

Mitigating and remediating water damage in Westerly presents challenges because of the tendency of water to migrate from the original incursion. Our managers and technicians receive comprehensive training assisting us in determining the perimeters of the water spread and the extent to which structural components and contents suffer from the destructive effects of absorbed moisture. Expect our team to evaluate your unique water damage scenario both visually and using sensitive moisture detection and measuring devices.

Extraction Precedes Structural Drying

SERVPRO employs scientific-based strategies to rid your home of water. Removal is the first phase after assessment. Research supports aggressive extraction, pumping and suctioning out as much liquid water as possible. Extraction is far more effective than drying alone, significantly reducing the time needed to return to pre-water loss moisture levels in building materials and contents.

Controlled Demolition Is a Viable Option

If the water emergency feels overwhelming already, a recommendation by SERVPRO experts to drill holes or tear out sections of building materials might be distressing. Understanding the purpose underlying controlled demolition helps ease concerns. Water often seeps into building cavities, and we must find ways to access the fluids for removal. Carefully removing baseboards to drill “weep holes” for water release or cutting out sections of drywall several inches above the waterline provides needed access.

Water Removal and Drying Strategies

Hoses connected to extractors attach through the holes to draw out water. Warm, moving air directed in through the holes or flood cuts dries out structural components far faster and more completely than waiting days or weeks for the water to evaporate without facilitation. SERVPRO employees monitor the drying continuously, creating a balance of airflow, temperature, and dehumidification to prevent under or overreaching of scientifically based drying goals for each type of material. We help arrange for repairs and rebuilding after the drying phase, confident that our efforts inhibited progressive deterioration or secondary damage like mold growth.

Trust the professionals at SERVPRO of Washington County to manage your water damage woes. Call (401) 315-2337 day or night to set up an expert assessment and begin planning for a successful recovery.

Rent Drying Equipment For The Summer

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Do your properties get damp and musty during the summer months? This seasonal humidity is a staple of a New England summer and thanks to one of the rainiest spring seasons on record we can expect this summer to be more humid than most. If you already know that your properties struggle with humidity in July, August and September contact our office and we can help. We can determine the best course of action to rid your properties of damp and moldy odors. We then provide rental equipment to run throughout the summer months ensuring your properties are prepared for humid weather. This will also prevent mold growth saving you thousands of dollars in clean-up costs. Renting our professional drying and air purifying equipment is a smart move because you save on the cost of having to purchase the equipment, avoid the hassle of storing it in the off-season and never have to worry about your equipment breaking down and requiring repair!

A Professional Restoration Company Can Save You Money In A Water Damage

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

When your home or business is struck by a water damage event, such as a flood, burst pipe, or roof leak, you will see many restoration options in a google search. Here is why it is so important to carefully consider the company you choose to repair your property. 

1. Evaluating exactly what can and cannot be saved in the property is crucial. This is where our experienced managers quickly determine the best course of action to save as much of the structure as possible. This first step can determine a huge chunk of your upfront costs for repair and materials for replacement.

2. Drying Equipment. If the company you hire is not using the best drying and air scrubbing equipment available, chances are they will need to use that equipment on your property for a longer period of time, costing you more money. Our techs are trained to work and act efficiently and we invest in the best possible restoration equipment so everything we do is efficient. In the long run, this is the best possible way to save our client's money.

3. We offer all phases of restoration and reconstruction services. Again, as we strive to be an efficient company we employ a team of talented and experienced craftsmen and carpenters to remove the need to hire subcontractors on your project and to be 100% sure your job will be completed professionally.

2018 Report: Above Average Rainfall Throughout the Northeast

6/14/2018 (Permalink)

It seems like it is raining every other day here in the northeast lately, so over here in our SERVPRO® of Washington County office, we decided to figure out just how much more rain has fallen in 2018. Using tools available on the National Weather Service website we were able to generate this map showing rainfall accumulation for the year and comparing it to the average amount of rain for this time of year. As you can see rainfall along the coastal regions of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York are 4"-12" above average! This will be something to keep an eye on going into what many believe will be a busy hurricane season this year. If your home or business is near any of our located near a resevour, river, lake or pond keep our number on hand, we will continue to monitor the weather! 

Water Extraction Reduces Overall Costs

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

As an insurance agent, adjuster or property manager you may wonder why SERVPRO extracts water from soaked rugs and carpets that will most likely end up being thrown away anyway! There are a few reasons for this; first, the weight of a wet carpet or rug requires more manpower to remove and move, so extracting water reduces the weight of the carpets to be removed significantly. This not only makes the material easier to lift and requires fewer technicians but it is safer for our technicians to handle, reducing on-site injuries. Also, by removing the weight of the water we reduce the amount of total weight of the waste removed, helping to keep waste removal fees down. Finally, by extracting and removing the water from wet carpets and rugs we are removing the water from the property entirely! The importance of this cannot be understated because removing water from the property quickly is the first step in preventing further structural damage and mold growth. Dragging wet rugs and carpets from a property without extraction can leave water behind and exasperate an already dire situation.

Retail Store Flood

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Reaction-time cannot be underestimated when disaster strikes a retail establishment. At SERVPRO of Washington County we strive to react and be onsite within the hour for most disasters. Recently we responded to a call from a retail store where flooding had occurred. Our team arrived on-site and immediately removed & stored all retail goods from the affected area, saving the owners thousands in lost merchandise. Next the crew began to contain the water damage to the already affected areas of the store to prevent further damage. Using our know-how and the drying equipment at our disposal the crew was able to begin mitigation processes within 45 minutes of arrival. Once further damage was contained our repair crew began to take preventative measures to safeguard the structure from further flooding knowing another rain storm was due the following day. Once drying was complete our contracting team took over and began the repairs needed to fix the damage from the flood and to repair the building to prevent a future flood.

Flooded House, Now What!

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Ceiling underneath the washing machine.

All too often homeowners wait too long before contacting a water damage mitigation expert in the event of a flood. A good example is when an appliance (like the dishwasher or washing machine) breaks and leaks throughout the house. If you are lucky you realize the leak right away and are able to fix the problem before any real damage is done. But many times a small leak goes undetected for weeks until the leak expands and parts of the home begin to show water damage. 

In one particular example, a two-story single family home was set up with the washer and dryer on the second floor. The homeowners left the machine running before leaving for the day and returned home to find the supply hose had become detached from the washing machine and was draining onto the carpets and throughout the house.

They attempted to dry the mess themselves and waited 5 days before contacting SERVPRO of Washington County multiplying the problem and damage to their home.

Beware of Spring Flooding

3/12/2015 (Permalink)

As the weather warms and the snow melts beware of the potential water damage that may be brought on by local flooding. Besides the major threat of river and run-off flooding, your home or business could fall victim to the amount of water that is created by melting snow adjacent to structures.

To reduce the risk of water damage try to remove melting snow that is too close to your home or business so that it may melt into the ground and not into your basement!

Frozen Pipes

1/21/2015 (Permalink)

The below freezing temperatures of January and February are the most likely time your pipes can freeze and burst. Creating a costly disaster in your home or business. Be sure to shut off water to faucets not in use this time of year and to keep temperatures warm enough in the basement and attic to avoid a problem.

If you do experience a broken, or burst pipe, call SERVPRO of Washington County or SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties immediately. Response time is crucial to minimizing damage to your property.