Storm Damage Photo Gallery

flood cuts, visible studs, concrete pad, door at end of hallway

Charlestown Storm Damage Restoration

The water, once extracted from this storm-damaged Charlestown home, allows for our SERVPRO technicians to dry the affected hallway and rooms. We can demolish and remove non-salvageable building materials and prepare the structure for a return to its preloss state. Count on us.

flood-cut walls showing bear wood studs and a concrete floor

Charlestown Post Storm Demo

The water has been vacated from the storm-damaged property in Charlestown. The photo shows where the non-salvageable drywall was removed for drying and disinfecting the rooms. Some insulation will also be replaced along with the walls. We can do it all.

ceiling panels hanging along with insulation

Westerly Storm Intrusion

The severe winds breached the roof in this Westerly home and damaged the ceiling and attic with water. The hazardous hanging materials can be removed by our SERVPRO team before we begin the cleanup and restoration.

flood damaged home

Flood Damage In Wakefield

A storm can wreak havoc on your Wakefield home, but our specialists are here to help! We have the training and advanced equipment needed to restore your home to pre-damage condition. When a storm strikes, call the experts at SERVPRO of Washington County. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

storm damaged property

Storm Damage In Wakefield

A flood can destroy your Wakefield home quickly, and our team is here to pick up the pieces. Our technicians are ready 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO of Washington County has what it takes to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

bare concrete pad, walls removed revealing the framing

Charlestown Storm Cleanup

After removing the storm-damaged sheetrock from this home in Charlestown, our SERVPRO crew can prepare and restore the house to its preloss condition. "Flood cuts" minimize the demolition, reveal the wall cavities, and allow for more rapid drying. The contaminated carpet has been discarded and the concrete pad is now dry.