Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Rooms in a Brockton Home

The unfortunate result of the flooding that entered the lower front rooms of this Brockton house was more damage than the Photo would indicate. The inexpensive ... READ MORE

North Kingstown Snow Storm and Mold Damage

The snowstorm and melting sequence resulted in an ice dam forming on an area of the roof at this North Kingstown property. Since it was unnoticed for some time,... READ MORE

Storm Damage Invades Westerly Basement

Storm Damage Invades Westerly Basement ?The lowest areas in Westerly homes often bear the brunt of storm damage and this home had a large amount of water enter ... READ MORE

Storm-Ravaged Narragansett Lower Level

The uplifted resilient asbestos tiles were a biohazard and required special service for removal. The Narragansett homeowner realized the problem and notified ou... READ MORE

Two Bridges Groundwater Flooding

When the groundwater from a torrential downpour flowed into the back of this warehouse in Two Bridges the potential storm damage was greater than that just show... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Wakefield

After a bad storm causes flood damage to your Wakefield home, you need a team that can respond 24/7 like SERVPRO. Our speedy response will limit further damage ... READ MORE

When Storm Water Intrusion is Ignored in Westerly

When groundwater runs into the basement of a Westerly house and is not quickly removed, water damage and extensive mold growths are the usual outcomes. The fuzz... READ MORE

Westerly Groundwater Intrusion Loss

When groundwater rushes into a finished basement in a Westerly home, the damage can be quite significant. The Before Photo depicts the mirky, contaminated water... READ MORE